Reljic won a gold medal, Georgievski a silver at the international taekwondo tournament Skopje Ramus G1 Open

photo: Taekwondo Club "Tigris" - Skopje

New great results for Macedonian taekwondo, this weekend in SC "Jane Sandanski" - Skopje, the strong international tournament was held Ramus G1 Open.

Mila Reljic managed to win a gold medal in the -62 kg category after winning extremely tight fights over Tamara Sevo (Serbia), Zoe Gueli (Hungary) and Nadja Savkovic (Serbia).

For Reljic, this is a new 10 points for the world and Olympic rankings for Paris 2024.

As informed by the taekwondo club "Tigri" - Skopje, the next big competitions for Reljic are the World Championship in May in Azerbaijan and the European Olympic Games in Poland in June.

At the competition in Skopje, there were competitors from 36 countries, including Australia, the USA, Brazil and former world and Olympic medalists.

Another candidate who aims to participate in the Games in Paris is Dejan Georgievski who in the +87 kg category. lost in the gold medal match to Berat Huseyin Demircioglu of Turkey.

From the other Macedonian competitors, in the junior competition Andrej Vasilevski won bronze in the junior competition in the -51 kg category, Darko Gjorgiev reached the silver in the -68 kg category, while Jovan Markovski (+78 kg.) won a bronze medal.

Dimovski won bronze at the international taekwondo competition Skopje Open G1

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