VIDEO: A river of people at the "Serbia against violence" protest in Belgrade

The fifth protest "Serbia against violence" is taking place tonight in Belgrade with thousands of people who gathered at 18 pm in front of the Serbian Parliament.

The protest is being held exactly one month after the tragedy at the "Vladilav Ribnikar" school, when nine students and a school guard were killed.

A stage has been set up on the plateau in front of the Assembly where actors Svetlana Bojkovic, Dragan Bjelogrlic, Nenad Maricic and presenters Ivan Ivanovic and Zoran Kesic spoke.

Maricic, as reported by the Serbian media, said that innocent victims must not be discounted, and violence must not go unpunished. According to him, tragedies were a call to being.

- We gathered today because exactly one month ago Serbia stopped, and the tragedy hit us in the face in the harshest way: childhood dreams that will never come true were interrupted and we all shared the sadness, fear and anger, Maricic said.

After the address, he asked the citizens for silence so that 18 beats could be heard in honor of the victims of the two mass murders.

- Let's hear 18 blows every 18 seconds for each victim, for each prematurely ended life, said Maricic, after which there was a long silence.

According to actress Svetlana Bojkovic, this wound is not only for the families of the victims, but a wound for the whole society.

Actor and director Dragan Bjelogrlic said that he came to the protest to acknowledge the youth of Serbia, because "violence and harassment and provocations are answered with dignity, peace and love".

- If there is a bottom, we touched it that day, when the tragedy happened in the Belgrade school. All our defeats, all the accidents, all the evil deeds that we have done to others have gathered in that one bitter tragedy that fell on innocent people who did nothing to anyone, said Bjelogrlic.

The citizens who came out for the protest started from the Assembly towards Slavia and will finish by forming a circle around the Presidency of Serbia.

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