Regional action: On Thursday, 100 plane trees and maples will be planted in Kisela Voda

Total 800 trees will be planted on December 1 in several cities in the region, including in Skopje, in municipality of Kisela Voda, within the regional action "Tree of Friendship" which it implements The European Fund for the Balkans in collaboration with AirCare/My Air in Macedonia and other local partners in all countries of the Western Balkans region.

The civil action, which is being carried out for the third time this autumn, will start at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, in the park of Eseinova street in Kisela Voda. They will be planted 100 plane trees and maples together with PE "Parks and greenery", and citizens living in these areas, green activists and other active representatives of non-governmental organizations for nature protection will participate in the action.

With this action, which is repeated for the third year, we activists from AirCare/Moj Vozduh, as a local partner of the action, want to show how important it is to preserve and increase the vegetables in Skopje and in the region. Instead of thinking about where to put more concrete so we can park more cars, we should focus on creating lots of green spaces that have a huge benefit for our trapped city. With more greenery, we have more clean air, lower temperature in summer, more biodiversity and a better living environment for everyone. Everyone should participate in such actions, because the city belongs to everyone! –says Gorjan Jovanovski, founder of the AirCare/My Air application.

The countries of the Western Balkans have the worst air quality in Europe. Citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia are equally exposed to air pollutants, where it is estimated that over 30.000 people lose their lives due to air pollution.

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