The "regulars" will wait for forms, with emergency passports for 100 euros you can get out of "house arrest"

The old and the new Macedonian passport/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Dragan Mitreski

Citizens who have made an appointment to have their passport photographed according to the regular procedure will have to wait because there are no forms for them, but there are for those who are willing to pay over 6.000 denars for issuing a passport according to an urgent procedure. There is no exact date when new forms will arrive, but from MIA for „Free press"they say that they are making continuous efforts to make the factory a supplier with greater dynamics and on a larger scale to deliver the forms.

On the other hand, the Additional Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mitko Bojmacaliyev said today that a larger shipment is expected by the end of the month, and in June a shipment which, as he says, "will satisfy all the needs of the citizens".

Although 400 thousand passport forms were ordered, only 20 thousand arrived last week. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Panče Toškovski, says that according to the agreement, 18 forms should have arrived by February 400, but this was changed by a certain act.

- Somewhere in the eighth month, there was an agreement according to which 18 forms were to arrive in Macedonia as of February 400.000. That agreement was replaced with a specific act, and as of February 18, a commitment was made sometime in December of last year for 22.000 forms. I have not yet established with adequate evidence why it was done that way. But we will investigate, Toshkovski pointed out.

Today's statement of the additional minister of internal affairs Bojmacaliyev is against the claims of Toshkovski. Bojmacaliyev says that on the day of the transfer of office between Spasovski and Toshkovski, 50.000 forms were received. He adds that until yesterday, more than 1.300.000 citizens changed their passports.

Due to the lack of forms, and thus stalling the entire process for changing passports, a large number of citizens who booked some of the spring arrangements and planned a trip were forced to cancel them. This situation caused a blow to travel agencies that have not yet fully recovered from the covid period.

Although it was announced that citizens will be able to check electronically from yesterday if their passports are ready, for which they took pictures more than a month ago, the verification of the finished documents via the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs still does not work.

Minister Toškovski said yesterday that the Macedonian passport is used in Germany, Switzerland, but, according to Deutsche Welle sources, Macedonian citizens can use the passports with the old constitutional name for personal identification, but they will not be able to enter the country if they do not have a new travel document. with the name North Macedonia.

By the way, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, has been on a tour of the Macedonian consulates in Munich, Bonn, Bern and Venice since a few days ago. As informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic-consular offices work in two shifts, and this will be the case until the normalization of the situation and the reduction of requests for consular services.

Forms for passports have arrived, but only for an urgent procedure, for which you pay three times more

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