RECIPE | From the slopes of Jakupica: Tanja reveals the elixir of youth of our ancestors - Vodnik or fruit pickle

Photo: Private archive

Vodnik is one of the oldest healthy drinks of our ancestors. It is made from wild fruits, ie wild berries, reveals Tanja Blagojevic, a producer of organic food, who left Skopje ten years ago to move to the countryside under the slopes of Jakupica.


Tanya Blagojevic, producer of organic groceries, photo-private archive

- If you drink this healthy fermented drink regularly, you can experience a deep and healthy old age, especially if you use wild fruits that grow in unpolluted areas in this drink - says Tanja.

Tanja explains that Vodnik is full of enzymes, minerals and vitamins and is usually prepared in October and November.

The wild berries used are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. This is one of the most important drinks in winter, because it effectively protects against colds and flu. Thanks to the wild forest fruit, watermelon is great for boosting immunity, says Tanja and reveals how to prepare this elixir.

Method of preparation:

The following wild berries are collected: dogwoods, rods, spruces, thorns, wild pears (oskorushi), wild apples, hawthorn… the fruit should be from clean unpolluted environments.

You will clean it, wash it and everything…

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