Reaction of the Medical Chamber

The legal team of the patient whose breasts were removed even though she did not have cancer as the doctors previously told her, fails to get the report of the expert supervision performed by the Medical Chamber. The reason, according to lawyer Pavlinka Gicheva Petkova, was that in Yesterday, the chamber was personally there to pick up the report, they told her that they needed 30 thousand denars, money for the conducted supervision, to pay the commission.

- That's definitely what they told me. How else would she know the amounts?, she says for "Sloboden Pechat".

The Medical Chamber reacted to this statement with an explanation of their procedure for obtaining a report from executive supervision.

"The Medical Chamber carries out regular and extraordinary professional supervisions, whereby the costs for all professional supervisions that the LC performs at the request of state institutions are borne by the Medical Chamber, while in cases where the request for extraordinary professional supervision is submitted by a natural person, the costs of carrying out the professional supervision fall on his burden. Regarding the specific case, the answer that the party received from the Medical Chamber does not correspond to the allegations highlighted in the text, for the reasons that the supervision for this case has already been prepared at the request of the OJO, to which the Report on expert supervision was submitted. "Since the investigation is still ongoing, the Chamber cannot deliver the report to the party, which is why it is accordingly directed to the Public Prosecutor's Office, where it can only request to receive the Report or to inspect the case," said the Medical Chamber.

We remind you that the Medical Chamber carried out supervision of the case of the patient from Debar Jaldz Veaposka, which was requested by the Ministry of Health, as well as in this case with the removed breasts of the patient S.S., Veaposka was given the report of the expert supervision even though the procedure was in the Prosecutor's Office and it was in the pre-investigation phase.

By the way, in the case of the patient S.S. a request for expert supervision was requested by the Ministry of Health, i.e. ex-minister Venko Filipche, who forwarded the matter to the Medical Chamber on March 5, 2019, according to the documentation we have.

The Ministry of Health requested from the Medical Chamber that the report should contain the ascertained situation, shortcomings, irregularities, omissions in the performance of the professional work, and especially in the implementation of the professional instructions and conditions and the method of providing health care, an expert opinion on the situation in the institution and the occurrences or the possible consequences for people's health and a proposal for determining measures to eliminate deficiencies, irregularities or omissions and deadlines for their implementation. Since then, the woman who is being monitored, ie the patient S.S. from Tetovo has not received an answer from the Medical Chamber about the matter that concerns her personally for various reasons. On the same day, March 5, 2019, the patient also requested supervision from the Medical Chamber, which means that requests were received from three parties.

For comparison, when the Medical Chamber completed the expert supervision of the case of Jaldz Veaposka, the report was delivered to the patient. Then the president of the Medical Chamber, Dr. Kalina Grivcheva Stardelova, said, and it was also published on the website of the medical chamber that "the report on the performed professional supervision is submitted to the Ministry of Health, the requester of the report and to the institution where the supervision was performed."

However, although the lawyers of S.S. they requested expert supervision, together with the Ministry of Health, they have not received a report, and the Medical Chamber, through various interpretations, avoids their report reaching the affected party, in the case of a woman who has permanent consequences, i.e. removed breasts and lymph glands.

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