Biden's reaction after the shooting in Colorado: We will not tolerate hate


"Hate cannot and must not be tolerated", stated the US President, Joe Biden, in a statement made last night as a reaction to the shooting at an LGBT club in Colorado in which at least five people died.

"We cannot and must not tolerate hatred," Biden said. "There is currently no clear motive for this attack, but we know that in recent years the LGBTQ+ community has been the target of horrific hate-filled violence."

He reminded that the recently adopted, according to him, "the most significant law on weapon safety in almost three decades".

"But we have to do more." We need to pass a ban on assault weapons to get them off the streets of America," said Biden.

Five people died and 18 were injured in Saturday's shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs, in the US state of Colorado.

The suspect is in custody, police officer Pamela Castro told reporters.

Club Q is a nightclub for gay and lesbian adults, with themed evening parties such as karaoke and drag shows and DJ parties.

VIDEO | Massacre at LGBT club in Colorado: Attacker killed 5 people and injured 18


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