Green streets in Debar Maalo with new trees and bushes

Photo: Municipality of Centar

On Orce Nikolov Street, then in the park on Todor Alexandrov and Blagoja Davkov Streets, as well as on Radnjanska Street in Debar Maalo, 16 new trees and 450 low shrubs and washed.

 Greenery is especially important for every municipality and investing in green areas is an investment in our health. Therefore, I would like to appeal to drivers to be careful when parking to watch out for these new seedlings that can often be trampled and destroyed - appeals the mayor of the Municipality of Centar, Goran Gerasimovski.

He informed about another activity of the Municipality of Centar - reconstruction of Risto Shishkov Street near the City Park.

The old asphalt will be scratched and a new asphalt layer will be laid on 2286 square meters. New sidewalks will be installed on the 380-meter-long street. We are working on improving the infrastructure for greater safety for drivers and pedestrians - says Gerasimovski

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