Interview with Sofija Stojanovska from "Book Reading Club": Stay curious, critical and eager for new books

Book reading club / Risto Pejovski
Book reading club / Risto Pejovski

"Book club" is a place where impressions and literary discussions will be shared, a place that will bring new energy to young people and encourage their minds to think freely.

Today we are talking with Sofija Stojanovska, part of the club and the organization "Young people can."

How did you come up with the idea for a Book Reading Club?

- The club was an initiative of the members, but also an idea that the team of "Youth can" has long wanted to implement. Through the club we want to encourage young people who read books to be positively critical, ie to encourage them to discuss the book, the ideals behind it, to know how to say what they got out of the book, but also how the book affected them. And for me personally it is an opportunity in a different way to encourage young people to be active and to influence society.

You mentioned the organization "Youth Can". How is the story related between the organization and the club?

- "Youth can" is an organization that exists to enable young people to become active, independent, capable and determined citizens who believe that they can participate independently or together and influence positive change and development in society. Critical and independent thinking is something we teach young people in all programs and the basis for the start of any youth initiative, so it is the basis of the "Readers' Club". The club is something that has been talked about for a long time, but this year it has finally come true. The initiative came from the members themselves at a meeting where we discussed what activities they prefer in "Young People Can". Bearing in mind that other young people mentioned to us that they would join a group of readers, we immediately started thinking about how to make it possible.

Book reading club / Risto Pejovski
Book reading club / Risto Pejovski

Books are a rare opportunity to share worlds - what is your favorite literary world?

- Although the readers' club is focused on novels and fictional stories, still, my favorite books are usually the ones that point to direct facts and through real examples / stories share information with readers. From the novels, I prefer to read historical stories based on real events or stories about political arrangements and social events, which have a real opportunity to influence humanity and the world in which we live.

But I would not say that I have a favorite literary world. I am a person who wants to explore new things and I am always open to new experiences, so that is reflected in my reading. Because of this, I often choose books that are not in my usual domain / interest and are a challenge for me to read, and in most cases I end up with a new experience and a new favorite book.

Sharing literary experiences in modern "instant life" is a rarity - what does reading mean to you?

- Reading for me is something that relaxes me, lands me and makes me stop and take a breath from my daily routine, but on the other hand after reading a good book I am motivated to work more towards positive changes in myself and in the world. who I live. While the readers' club for me is a different experience, connecting, chatting and exchanging ideas, which in a normal conversation would not come out. A different way of socializing with people with whom I have a similar interest and connecting with them on a different level. A place where even though you come up with the same book that you read as the others, you still end up with a conversation in which you see a million different opinions and views about the book.

Book reading club / Risto Pejovski
Book reading club / Risto Pejovski

What is the message to the readers and book lovers of your club?

- Remain curious, critical and eager for new books as you are now, those things motivate me to develop this club and provide such experiences for as many young people as possible.

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