Interview with Katerina Stevovska from "Book Reading Club": Read and learn, because knowledge gives freedom

Katerina Stevovska / Bookclub / Risto Pejovski
Photo: Risto Pejovski

Book club is a place where impressions and literary discussions will be shared, a place that will bring new energy to young people and develop their mental capacity, because young people can and can!

Several enthusiasts, friends and girlfriends who love the written word, during this period gather and form the "Book club" (Book club), an idea that comes, above all, from the desire to read, share what is read and nurture a love of books . This motive for merging and sharing the different worlds that the book opens up was initially encouraged by the organization. "Young people can."

On the occasion of this beautiful idea, we asked the girls what all this means for them, and they answered with pleasure. He answered us first Katerina Stevovska, who, in addition to being an avid reader and linguist, also works as a journalist.

Katerina Stevovska
Katerina Stevovska / Photo: Risto Pejovski

What is a club and how did you come up with the idea?

- The club as an idea was born on one of the joint coffee drinks with Sofia. We often talked about how much we like to read, but that we have less and less time for this beautiful activity. Well, we said to ourselves, "Why not give yourself the task of reading at least one book a month and then discussing it with other people who also like to read?"

And so, together with the other members of the organization "Youth Can", we formed a reading club that is slowly growing into something we are very proud of.

For me personally, the club is a "corner" where wonderful discussions take place, not only about the books themselves, but also about life in general.

Books are a rare opportunity to share worlds - what is your favorite literary world? (Book, style, direction, language)

- As cliché as it sounds, it all depends on how I am in the mood. I read almost everything - from mysteries like those of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, to the magical realism of Haruki Murakami. However, since I have left the student desks at the Faculty of Philology, I have a special love for the classics.

Lately I prefer non-fiction books, so I can say that "Factology" by Hans Rosling is a book that marked 2021 for me.

But definitely Frederick Buckman's books were my sweetest discovery this year and "The Man Named Uwe" is my favorite book I read with the girls at the club.

Katerina Stevovska / Bookclub / Risto Pejovski
Photo: Risto Pejovski

Sharing literary experiences in modern instant life is a rarity - what does reading mean to you?

- Reading is part of my identity since I know about myself, and my mother is largely "guilty" of her love for books. I have always wanted to dive into fictional worlds, and that helped me to know some things about myself, about my reality. Reading helps me to be more creative in everyday life, but also to be more empathetic to other people and their life stories.

What is the message to the readers and book lovers of your club?

- Although reading can be a lot of fun, it is always nice to learn something new from every book that is read. Therefore - read and learn, because knowledge gives freedom.

Or, as Maxim Gorky said - "Keep reading books, but do not forget; the book is just a book. "You have to learn to form your own opinion."

And we will take care of the fun part if you become part of our club - everyone is welcome to socialize and hot chocolate.

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