Conversation with Hristijan Maleski: With work and effort we managed to bring the title to Struga

photo: FC Struga

For the first time in its history Struga Trim Lum won the title in The first Macedonian football league and that in two rounds before the end of the season.

Stružani beat Silex when it was most needed, after which the seven points were an unattainable advantage in the general standings for the rivals.

Players led by coach Shpetim Duro they also expect European matches, starting from the first qualifying round in the Champions League. And as announced by the club, the preparations for the new competitive season will start on June 5.

One of the players who also contributed to the great season of the Struga club was the U21 representative Christian Maleski who statistically made 23 appearances in the championship and scored seven goals.

photo: FC Struga

After a difficult and demanding season, Struga Trim Lum achieved its goal, champion of Macedonia. What does this moment mean for you and certainly for the city of Struga and the fans of the club?

- After the season which you yourself mentioned was difficult and demanding, with a lot of work and effort as a team we managed to win and bring the title "champion of Macedonia" in Struga. This is an unforgettable and fulfilling moment that made us especially proud of all of us who are part of this team, and undoubtedly of the fans as well.

What decorated the team during the championship, how satisfied are you with the games, individually and collectively?

- During the championship, the team showed tireless struggle, dedication and team atmosphere. I can say that I am satisfied with myself and also with the whole team.

The team will also play European matches this summer, how do you see the challenge that Struga Trim Lum will represent Macedonia on the international stage?

- Despite the fact that the European competitions are a big challenge, I believe in us and hope for positive results from the upcoming competitions.

You are a member of the U21 national team, you received a call-up for the control matches with Armenia and Malta. What does the national team shirt represent for you?

- I am always happy and grateful, because wearing the representative jersey of Macedonia is a huge honor.

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