Conversation with actress Darya Rizova: I believe in the ideal of creating a more beautiful and more humane world

Darya Rizova with the "Successful Youth" award

Actress Darja Rizova from the Macedonian National Theater is among the winners of the "Successful Youth" award in the "Best Young Artist" category for 2022, and the award was presented to her by President Stevo Pendarovski.

The award "Successful Youth" is awarded for the fourth time for results achieved in the past calendar year. In his address at the ceremony, President Stevo Pendarovski emphasized that the recipients of the award are a positive example for their peers, but also for current and future generations.

- They should be and remain our model according to which the new generations will behave and create values. Their example of dedication and investment of their time and effort in themselves, as the only way to success, should be an example for our older citizens as well - stressed President Pendarovski.

A significant contribution to the affirmation of Macedonian theater creativity, both in the country and abroad, is the actress Darja Rizova, who has received several theater awards in the past period, and on her home stage she plays in almost all major plays of the MNT repertoire. She also felt the excitement with which she performs on stage when she received the recognition in the presidential palace.

The recognition was presented to Darja Rizova by President Stevo Pendarovski

During the last year he received several theater awards for his role in a play, but now he has received recognition that has a wider social dimension. How did you feel at the moment of receiving the "Successful Youth" award?

- The fact that the award comes from the president of the country, in itself indicates that it is something very significant and very big, because on a personal level such a thing rarely happens. The purpose of the "Successful Youth" recognition is to attract young people to stay in our country, because here too there is hope and they are given support for what they do. People up to the age of 35 are usually considered young, and this year I entered the 36th year of my life, and I felt the recognition as a kind of cut-off, as the completion of a stage of life, as "the icing on the cake".

During the last year, many participations in festivals and many theater awards really happened to me, and this award seems to round off that wonderful period. In addition, with this award, I receive recognition from our country, from where I come from and where my roots are from, and thus my efforts, dedication and faith in what I do are valued.

At the award ceremony, you had the opportunity to address the audience. What was in your message?

- There I thanked the president of the committee that decided on the awards, and I also said that it was an honor and a privilege to be in the company of wonderful young minds who are dedicated and inventive. Those people are the light of our future, and as long as there are such people there will be hope. I also thanked my family, because I have always wanted to be an actress because my aunt took me to the theater since I was little, she took me to plays at MNT, and now I am employed at MNT. My family has always been my support to really enroll in acting and choose a profession that I will really love very much and only in this way I will be truly inspiring, spiritually fulfilled and satisfied with what I do.

I also revealed to those present that I am dedicating an award to the man who in my early childhood instilled moral and ethical values ​​in me. The man who taught me to always replace waiting with the courage to act and instead of being a passive observer, to believe in the ideal of creating a more beautiful and more humane world. I dedicated the award to my grandfather Blagoja Siljanoski Gyurak.

I felt the recognition as a kind of intersection, as the completion of a stage of life

In all the happiness of free choice, he still decided on a really difficult profession. How do you cope with the weight of acting work, considering that you have already achieved roles in big plays with important directors?

- Acting is really one of the most difficult professions. The work does not have a permanent form, but you have to upgrade yourself all the time, work and work, and there is no end to it. Especially when you do more big roles and receive more awards, then the responsibility is even greater, the expectations are even greater both from the audience and from the personal process of creating the characters. Each process of entering a new character is a start over, like going to first grade again, and all of this requires a great sacrifice.

A process that I can single out was the work with the director Andrij Zholdak. It was during the period when I got a job at MNT and for me it was like a second school, not only on a professional level, but also on a private level, when I had to mature, see where I am, where my possibilities reach, to push some boundaries and to open some things inside myself, to free myself and to cleanse myself. What happened to me with Zoldak was a big "breakthrough" that gave me a kind of release and faith that I could enter one hundred percent into every process and try everything. So I got unusual energy. He is such a person who gives a lot of energy, and I, as an actor, received that energy and I am very grateful to him for such a work process. It is about the character Elektra, which I was preparing when I was 26 years old and which, in a way, was a turning point in both my professional and private life.

In different plays and with different directors, you get roles of women who carry pure thought and sincere emotion. How do you manage to get such emotions out of yourself and bring them to the stage?

– Like any actor, you start from yourself, you dig deep within yourself. Often the preparation of a new character is a kind of psychotherapy and you try to discover the emotions in yourself. If you don't have what you're looking for, then you rely on your imagination and try to "step into someone else's shoes". Sometimes I also rely on intuition, but it is very difficult to explain in words how a dramatic character is created. Simply put, you either have the feeling or you don't. If you have it, you should feel it and get it out of yourself.

Each actor has his own way and method of analyzing the character he has to play, and in terms of emotion – you either have it or you don't. It has happened to me after a performance that I can't calm down from excitement and it takes me a long time to come to my senses. I probably carry too many emotions and that's why I mentioned Zoldak, because he helped me find a way to express them in every role I play.

(The interview was published in "Cultural Press" number 207, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 2-3.12.2023)

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