Disunited Alliance 'entered' court mazes, Tarawari's camp contests Sela Congress where he became party leader

Yesterday the camp of Arben Taravari with a petition submitted to the Basic Court of Tetovo and statements to delegates certified by a notary, they started the legal fight to contest the extraordinary congress of Zijadin Sela, at which Tarawari was dismissed by a party leader.

The spokesperson Blairont Ramadani says that the petition contests the decisions and changes of the extraordinary congress held on February 16 in Skopje called by Sela.

"And with this we, as the Alliance for Albanians, close this topic of who has and who does not have the right to the party. The final decision will be made by the court in Tetovo and we will respect that and that is Taravari's position. But in this whole process we have been more than transparent. The central leadership, the Parliament and the congress delegates support Taravari with a majority, so we have to wait for the court's decision, and we are more than confident that the final decision will come from the citizens on May 8, said the spokesman of the Alliance for Albanians, Bleront Ramadani. a supporter of the Tarawari wing.

At the congress called by Taravari, some members of the party's statute brought by Sela were also abolished, and his previous function as the president of the Assembly has already been abolished.

"In this context, regarding the members of the Central Assembly, we have notarized statements, the majority of delegates whose statements are notarized in which they wrote that they did not attend the Central Assembly that was called by the disaffected group. Now in this case you can imagine how they would have a two-thirds majority to make those decisions. Therefore, in the fourth extraordinary congress, there were decisions by which the decisions made at that Central Assembly of Villages are annulled and there were changes in the statute, that the position of the president of the Central Assembly is abolished," Ramadani added.

After the two extraordinary congresses of the party, supporters of Sela will send the materials from the congress to the Central Registry, so that Sela can be registered as the new leader of the Alliance.

This (expected) divorce follows after Taravari, as the current president, and Sela, as his predecessor, split the party and diverged over the question of whether the Alliance should participate in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections - independently or in a coalition with the opposition parties of the Albanians.

After the dismissal of Tarawari as the president of the Alliance and the election of Sela as the sole candidate for the party leader, Sela declared that he had the support of 591 delegates out of a total of 837. There is no doubt for Sela that he is the president of the Alliance, because the president is elected as is stated in the party statute. He accused Taravari of a series of violations, starting with the party's code of ethics and ending with the statute.

The Alliance split is sealed, the court will grant the seal

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