Divorces, divorces, upheavals and new loves: These three zodiac signs await major life changes in October

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The horoscope for October predicts big changes in the field of love for Aries, Leo and Capricorn.

These three signs need to be prepared for unexpected upheavals.


The lone Aries will be in a dilemma when it comes to love relationships. It is important to make a decision with the attitude of your heart. It is possible to fall in love like never before. Do not let the fear of getting married or change steal your happiness. You are at a turning point in life, you should enjoy the good times instead of asking questions. Busy Aries will solve problems and finally there will be a harmonious atmosphere. A renewal of intimacy and a spark of passion awaits you, which will revive the relationship with your partner.


Free Lions in October will have many opportunities to enter into love relationships. Old relationships need to develop slowly and you need to be patient. Every effort you make in a relationship will pay off twice as much. Imagine and it will happen, talk and you will decide. Regarding the partner, you find a common answer. Nice opportunities await you, and some meetings may be written in fate.


Free Capricorns will be very ambitious and successful in the field of love. Those who are in a relationship will bring even more sincerity, empathy and support to the relationship. You feel loved, safe and wonderful. You are ready to discover your feelings, and in return you get a wave of wonderful emotions. The stars respond positively to your wishes, and this is one of the gentler times of the year. In love you go the right way. You make long-term plans with your partner, and from October 17 your joint projects are realized, you are happy.

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