Rambo Amadeus: Man wants to judge things he has no idea about, the less he knows - the more arrogant he is

rambo amadeus
Rambo Amadeus / Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Musician Rambo Amadeus announced the first concert since the beginning of the pandemic. It will take place on November 21st, with the accompanying band "Five Vignettes" at Belgrade's Kombank Arena, applying all epidemiological measures and will be broadcast live online over the world.

"My main job is the concerts, I miss the audience, probably me too. The feeling when people with similar taste and sensibility gather in one place is precious. Of course, we will adhere to the most rigorous epidemiological measures. The idea is for us all to feel safe. "It is inadmissible as emancipated citizens to contribute to the spread of the infection," said the musician.

According to him, the awareness that a certain number of people will follow him online affects the approach to music, because it "adds monumentality that they see you at that moment".

Read the full text HERE.

Source: Espresso.mk

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