Rama: We still do not have a candidate for president


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, commenting on the second failed attempt in parliament to elect a head of state, said he had no partner to negotiate with, adding that the majority still did not have a candidate for president.

- Needed for tango ce two, we can not do tango because we do not have a partner. The solution is a man who has to fulfill his obligations to the Albanians, to free that office from the clutches of the past. "We have not yet decided who the candidate will be, because if we had a name we would put him to the vote," Rama said.

In this way, he rejected the claims of some politicians and analysts that the Socialists already have their own candidate and that the negotiations with the opposition ce just play. It is mentioned that possible candidates for head of state socialists ce Majlinda Bregu or Valentina Leskaj.

Rama pointed out that they will wait for the third round and then the Presidency of the Socialist Party and the parliamentary group will meet and will submit a proposal to the legislature.

The third round of voting should ce held on May 30, when there will certainly be no candidate again because of the opposition ce withdrew from further speeches.

The constitution provides for five rounds of voting. In the first three, the presidential candidate needs the support of 84 deputies out of a total of 140 in parliament, which the Socialists do not have. In the next two, the president ce elects by a simple majority, ie 71 votes.

The term of the current president, Ilir Meta, ends on July 24.

Source: MIA

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