Rama appeals to Kosovo statesmen to listen to allies "so as not to go deeper into the dangerous path"

Late last night, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted to the situation in the north of Kosovo, appealing to Kosovo's statesmen to listen to their allies in order to prevent the situation from worsening even more.

According to Rama, Kosovo is "hurting itself internationally with this difficult situation".

- My call is to listen to the allies and not to go deeper into, not only dangerous, but also a futile path where Kosovo is hurt at the international level together with the soldiers of KFOR, who are physically hurt. It is not an international call but a national need, Rama wrote on social networks.

Rama underlined that "from this crossroads where the conflict returns and returns every year as a product of the past, with Serbia exposing its troops on the border where its power is equal to zero, and Kosovo exposing its unwillingness to finalize the dialogue, the only the way out is through dialogue and powerful allies."

– The injury of KFOR soldiers puts their blind perpetrators directly responsible and unfortunately hurts Kosovo in the eyes of its irreplaceable allies and friends! The longer this dangerous and unnecessary conflict lasts, the more Kosovo is hurt, says Rama.

The Albanian Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Dzachka, reacted earlier, assessing that "the unprovoked violent attacks on KFOR forces and the media are unacceptable and must stop immediately."

She added that "dialogue mediated by the EU is the way to normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and mutual recognition that will ensure lasting stability in our region."

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