Rheinmetall opened a factory in Romania that will help Ukraine

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In the Romanian city of Mediaş, the German concern Rheinmetall opened a defense factory that will support Ukraine's military vehicles.

The concern announced that the Romanian vehicle manufacturer "Automecanica SRL" will work there, reports "Military".

On February 1, the German company acquired a controlling stake of 72,5% in the Romanian vehicle manufacturer, which has since been operating in Romania under the name "Rheinmetall Automecanica SRL".

Frame from the Nova Tv Medias video channel

The rest of the company's shares will remain in private hands.

Rheinmetall estimates the company's annual sales potential at approximately EUR 300 million and expects orders to be in the triple-digit million EUR range in 2024.

Automecanica Mediaș is a long-standing manufacturer of special vehicles, truck bodies and trailers for the civilian and military markets.

Rheinmetall has been working with this company since 2022, when the two companies joined forces to operate a military vehicle maintenance and repair facility in Romania.

Rheinmetall expects the plant to support military vehicles of the Ukrainian army and provide logistical support.

"The factory in Mediaş, Romania is ready to play a key role in maintaining the operational readiness of Western-made combat vehicles in Ukraine," the Concern said in a statement.

Frame from the Nova Tv Medias video channel

The new plant in Romania will provide NATO forces deployed on the alliance's eastern flank with faster and more reliable supply chains.

In May, it became known that Rheinmetall plans to establish another joint venture in Ukraine that will specialize in air defense systems.

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