Paradise for lovers of good photography: The most photogenic destinations in Europe

Photo: Profimedia

Since the emergence of social networks, lovers of good photography are constantly on the lookout for destinations that are perfect for photography and that will fit perfectly as posts on their Instagram profiles, it says "B92".

Europe, with its varied landscapes, architectural wonders and natural beauty, provides excellent opportunities for these creatives.

These four European destinations are not that popular among tourists, but they are extremely photogenic. Well, it would be great if you consider them as ideas for your next trip.

Burano, Italy

An island located 40 minutes by boat from Venice, Burano has only 4.000 inhabitants. Famous for its colorful houses reflected in the water of the canal, the island is ideal for photography. In addition to the handmade lace that once adorned the ladies of the European aristocracy, Burano enchants visitors with its color and charm.

Photo: Fraser Hall / robertharding / Profimedia

Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro, a city on the Atlantic coast, has become popular for its canals, colorful boats and fairy-tale houses. It is located between the famous cities of Lisbon and Porto. The beautiful surrounding beaches add to the city's photogenic nature, while the Art Nouveau style, fish market and relaxed atmosphere stand out.

Photo: G&M Therin-Weise / robertharding / Profimedia

Colmar, France

This town in Alsace, close to the borders with Germany and Switzerland, looks incredibly beautiful in photos, and is even more impressive in person. Colmar will take you back to the medieval period with its cobbled streets, colorful houses and canals connected by fairy-tale bridges. Tourists enjoy the charm of the city and the delicious local wine.

Photo: Boris Stroujko / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Valdemosa, Spain

The charming village of Valdemosa, located about 20 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca, delights visitors with its Mediterranean atmosphere. Ocher color, cobbled streets and stone houses decorated with fresh plants make Valdemosa a photographer's paradise.

Photo: Buschkind / Alamy / Profimedia

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