Workers from Serbia, Macedonia and Albania will be able to work in all three countries, regardless of where they live

Construction workers / Photo: illustration / "Free Press" / - Dragan Mitreski

Workers from Serbia, Macedonia and Albania will receive a unique identification number and will be able to be easily employed in all countries, regardless of where they live - said the Serbian Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade in the Government of Serbia. Tomislav Momirovi..

- In Open Balkans we are currently focused on the labor market and we are working on establishing a unique identification number in July for all people on the labor market in the member countries of this initiative. This will mean that they can freely get a job in any of these three countries - says Momirovic.

Speaking at the conference "Open Balkan Forum 2" organized by Libek, he emphasized that the traffic integration of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania is also being worked on, that is, that one label for electronic payment works in these three countries.

- We are also working on establishing a special communication line for the citizens of the Open Balkans member countries and that just as there is such a line for the citizens of the EU, there is also one for the citizens of the Open Balkans - said Momirović.

He assessed that the economic integration of the region is one of the priorities of his country and that it is very important for companies, because, as he stated, there is no wider economic integration until the neighbors are integrated. According to Momirović, after the process of entering the European Union was delayed, the three countries from the Western Balkans decided to take a step forward and thus the Open Balkans was born.

- It is an avant-garde, original initiative created in these areas, accompanied by many obstacles and doubts, but we managed to abolish a large number of taxes and barriers and speed up processes at the borders of three countries, which is especially important for companies from the food industry - he said Momirovic.

He added that the Open Balkans is primarily an economic idea, but that it will also have good political effects.

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