Putin announced the results of the referendums: The four Ukrainian regions decided to join Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the results of referendums held in four Ukrainian regions and announced that they had voted to join the Russian Federation.

"You know that referendums were held in Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Lugansk. The votes were counted and the people decided definitively, without any doubt. Today we will sign annexation agreements. This is the will of millions of people, Russia now has four new regions," Putin said.

"It is their right, which is also found in the UN charter," Putin said.

Putin then praised "all the heroes who died in a special military operation."

"These are the heroes of great Russia. Let's honor them with a minute of silence," Putin said.

"Millions of people in these regions have decided and no one can deny these historic feelings of belonging," Putin said.

With Putin's "Anschluss", Ukraine will no longer be the same from today

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