Shooting and arrest in the center of Prilep

Prilep apprehension photo MIA

Prilep police arrested a 53-year-old man from Resen who this afternoon in the center of Prilep, in front of the city market, with his vehicle "Mercedes Sprinter" tried to run over communal inspectors and a police officer who were performing official duties.

To stop him, the police fired a gun into the tires of the vehicle. It was a shock for the residents who found themselves in the center of Prilep near the city market and were direct witnesses of the event.

- According to the report, in the City Market Prilep, while selling products with the vehicle, he was removed from the inspection. Н.К. was taken to a police station and notified to the Department of Internal Control, Criminal Investigation and Professional Standards. An inspection will be performed, and after documenting the case against the perpetrator, an appropriate submission will be submitted, reads the announcement from the SIA Bitola.

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