The first issue of the Superman comic book sold for $ 3,25 million

Photo: Profimedia

The first issue of the Superman comic book, published in June 1938 and costing 10 cents, sold for $ 3,25 million, the highest amount ever paid for a comic book.

Superman is printed in hundreds of thousands of copies, and is considered to date, about 100 copies of this first issue have been preserved.

"The specimen that was sold at the time was found among the many film magazines of the XNUMXs and was perfectly preserved.", said the co-owner of the Austrian site "", Vincent Zurzolo, reports the BBC.


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The comic book seller earned million dollars, because three years ago bought it for 2,25 million.

Highest price for a comic ever is achieved in 2014 years, when also the first issue of Superman was sold on eBay for $ 3,2 million.

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