The first woman to judge at the World Cup will administer justice in an important round of XNUMX match

Stephanie Frapard from France will referee the match Costa Rica - Germany at the WC 2022/photo: EPA-EFE/Vince Mignott

The French woman Stephanie Frapar will make history, on Thursday (December 1) she will be the first woman to referee a match at World Cup in Qatar for men.

She got the honor of doing justice in the match of the third round of group "E" between the national teams of Germany и Костарика (20.00 pm).

In this match, the Germans must attack to win, but under a condition Spain to overcome her Japan. The players of Costa Rica could also find themselves in the round of XNUMX with a draw, but the Spaniards should also play for them, that is, they should celebrate against the Japanese.

As for Frapar, in December 2020 she refereed the Champions League match between Juventus and Dynamo Kyiv, and in the last month of 2020 she refereed the World Cup qualifier between the Netherlands and Latvia.

By the way, on Thursday at the match between Costa Rica and Germany, the entire refereeing team will be made up of women. Frapar's assistants will be Neuza Bak from Brazil and Karen Diaz Medina from Mexico. There will also be a woman in the VAR room, in this case Catherine Nesbitt from the USA will have the position of video assistant to the referee to check if there is offside or not.

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