Martina Spasovska's first solo exhibition is entitled "Loud Silence"

Invitation to the opening of the exhibition

In the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje on December 5, at 20 p.m., the exhibition "Loud Silence" by the young artist Martina Spasovska will be opened.

- Martina Spasovska in her works initially represents her own character (then includes other female characters seen from her perspective), not as a model(s) but as a catalyst(s) of transmitting the energy she feels and transforming it into an artistic product. In the works she creates, she goes beyond the limits of a simple portrait, the image goes deeper than the represented individual, serving as a poignant representation of the human experience and confronting the current issues of our time.

Through portrait narratives, he delves deep into the themes of vulnerability, strength, and potential for transformation that exist in all of us. It invites open dialogue and introspection and confronts viewers with the collective wounds and pains that exist within us and in our shared world. In doing so, it encourages a deeper understanding of the complexity of our existence and the potential for a more compassionate and harmonious future.

Avoiding the idealization of portraits, the works of Martina Spasovska are freed from their physical limits and performed with strong expression and speak, above all, about the state in which reality is transformed into a new ontological meta-reality. By deconstructing the portrait and rebuilding it through certain expressionistic moves, he achieves the effect of transforming reality and focuses on his inner experience, transformation and transcendence.

In that expressive harmony, the canvas ceases to be a two-dimensional surface on which delicate shades and complex chords of tones are arranged, but becomes a metaphysical interspace of visual conceptualization of thought in space - wrote Gorancho Gjorgjievski, an art historian.

Martina Spasovska, born in 1997 in Kumanovo, is a young visual artist who lives in Skopje. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She explores and uses human flesh as a main element in her works, through which she asks more questions about the way human identity is represented. He treats the works with a complex mixture of fear, empathy, delicacy, vulnerability and power. He has exhibited at several group exhibitions in Macedonia, USA, Austria, Greece, Kosovo and Turkey.

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