Burglars broke into the house of a famous Hollywood actor: They stole only one thing and escaped


Masked burglars broke into the actor's home Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood Hills and had his gun stolen, the American media reported today.

Los Angeles police received an anonymous phone call about a possible burglar at the Hollywood actor's property, but when officers arrived at his home, no one was there, sources told "TMZ".

The officers returned five hours later, around 01:00 a.m. local time, when the alarm sounded. At that point, officers spotted several men in ski masks on security cameras breaking a window and entering Reeves' house, estimated to be worth about seven million dollars.

One of the suspects stole the gun from Reeves' home before fleeing. At that time the actor was not at home. This is not the first time that his house was broken into - in 2014, the actor faced two intruders.

A woman in her forties broke into his house while Reeves was sleeping, and then she too fell asleep in the chair. When he woke up, the actor was talking to an unknown woman, who told him that she had come to him to talk, and then he called the police.

A day later, another woman entered his house, the door was not locked, and Reeves was not home at the time. She then allegedly took off all her clothes, got into the shower and then jumped into his pool, before the cleaners called the police.

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