Prototopic: The "feints" of Skopje will end at the NATO Summit in Washington

Gordana Siljanovska Davkova/ Photo:

The fact that the Macedonian President Gordana Siljanovska Davkova does not use the constitutional name of the country during the inauguration and during the official addresses afterwards as well as on her official website, Athens' assessment is that the "feints" in Skopje cannot last much longer, because the pressures that performs Washington are strong.

- In a few weeks from now, of course, the "lies" will end, because at the NATO Summit in Washington, the neighboring country will have to present itself with the constitutional name and conduct policy based on it. After all, the NATO Summit will be the first "accidental" meeting between Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Christian Mitsotakis, after he officially assumed his duties, since the two did not even have a formal conversation about congratulations after the election victory of VMRO a few weeks ago. As Greek diplomatic sources report, however, there is enough "inside" for North Macedonia to understand that it cannot "play" with the Prespa Agreement, which is even a "warning" of indirect sanctions from the United States. But until that happens, and behind the scenes is burning, writes Protothema.

- It is clear that the tension with the northern neighbor does not satisfy Athens, due to the resurgence of an issue that seemed resolved. However, of course, and if it signals a vindication of New Democracy's criticism of the permanence of the Prespa Agreement. On the other hand, two weeks before the European elections, Mr. Mitsotakis had no way not to adopt a strict rhetoric on an issue which, especially in Northern Greece, is almost identical. At the same time, the government is turning the "problematic" point during the previous four years, the ratification of the memoranda resulting from the Agreement, into a political lever of pressure on the neighbor, announcing that they will not be ratified as long as the provocations continue, the Greek newspaper writes.

Namely, according to diplomatic sources, the pressure from Athens that brought the immediate reaction of Europe a few days ago and the first ballistic missiles towards Skopje, led the "duo" Mickoski-Silianovska to extremes between the national audience and international obligations, the newspaper writes.


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