The residents of Autokomanda protested, Mayor Stefkovski also appeared

Photo: Municipality of Gazi Baba

"The demands of the citizens of Autokomanda are also my demands," said the mayor of Gazi Baba tonight Boban Stefkovski, who, at the call of the citizens, joined the protest of the residents of Autokomanda, who want to return to the old heating system, after they were connected to another option without being asked.

The citizens are dissatisfied because the previous "iron" boiler, with which they had heating 24 hours a day, has been transferred to "ESM supply".

"ESM" confirmed that from today the residents of Autokomanda are consumers of "ESM supply", just like with other heating plants, and these consumers will be taken over by "ESM Energy". They will continue to receive invoices from "ESM supply", for which they will have to conclude an agreement with the new supplier.

"The Government and AD Energetica cannot change the heat energy supplier to Autokomanda without asking the users. I expect that the demands of the citizens will be accepted and that AD Energetika will once again be a supplier for households in Autokomanda," Stefkovski said at the protest.

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