Protests over the "Oncology" case - "The cable cannot be blamed for the monstrous scandal again"

Protest due to Oncology scandals / Photo: Sloboden pechat - Dragan Mitreski

A new ultimatum set at today's protests for the case of the Oncology Clinic. By November 1, if the ultimatums of the organizers of this protest are not answered, together with fellow artists, journalists, non-governmental organizations and civil associations, we will ask for international support for these protests and the disclosure of all knowledge from Oncology, noted Darian Petrov, activist and theater an actor.

The organizers announced that they will continue to protest in front of the government building every Monday at 18 p.m. and have given a deadline that if the competent institutions do not take anything, there will be no resolution about this case until November 1, then they will demand pressure from the international community for all the details about the events in Oncology to be publicly announced.

Tonight they set six new ultimatums: Investigation into the involvement of the former Minister of Health Venko Filipche and the former Director of Oncology Nino Vasev; Expanding the investigation of the work of Children's Oncology; Complete revision of the work of the Oncology Clinic; Final court verdicts for all involved in Oncology crime and crime; Disclosure of information from the investigation into the tragedy in the modular hospital in Tetovo and Responsibility by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which decided that there was no crime in the tragic case of little Jana from Bitola.

- And you, my dear fellow citizens, who are here and think that nothing can be achieved with protests, just remember how immediately after our first protest, after a short procedure, they brought changes to the Criminal Code, which drastically reduce the penalties for criminal association and abuse of authority. This is a real indication that they are afraid of their people and they should be. We must not stop and give up. We citizens must not forget that we are not only fighting for ourselves, but also for our future - the children. If we want to have it, we must continue to be loud and defend our dignity and fight for what belongs to every person - the best health care, education and functional institutions, pointed out Aleksandar Panayotov, who is part of the organization of the protests.

With the message "Justice for the victims", the protest in front of the Government ended in front of the Ministry of Health. The organizers of the protest emphasized that the ultimatum from last week has not been fulfilled, that is, the Public Prosecutor's Office has not published all the details of the investigation into the Oncology scandal. Otherwise, on Friday, the Public Prosecutor's Office filed charges of "embezzlement" against the nurse from the Oncology Clinic who stole cytostatics. The suspect is not available to law enforcement.



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