Protest in Podgorica due to Montenegro's plan to support the Srebrenica Resolution

From the gathering Photo: Aljoša Turović

A gathering of citizens is being held in front of the Government of Montenegro building in Podgorica in order to express their dissatisfaction with the executive authority's announcement that they will support the Resolution on Srebrenica in the United Nations (UN), regional media reports.

The citizens chant: "We are not a genocidal nation, nor a nation that caused harm." The crowd carries flags of the Republic of Serbia, Russia, red-blue-white backless tricolors, church flags with four cups as well as tricolors with the coat of arms of Petrović that were used during the Kingdom of Montenegro.

From the gathering Photo: Aljoša Turović

"We gathered on the occasion of the shameful resolution that wants to label us as genocidal. Let's be worthy descendants to be worthy ancestors," said Lidia Marash.

Zdravko Nishavic said that if Montenegro votes for the resolution tomorrow, it will gather in even greater numbers.

"We are not a genocidal nation, nor a nation that harmed anyone. This resolution provokes new conflicts and discontent in the Balkans. ", Nishavic pointed out.

The crowd chanted "treason, treason".

From the gathering Photo: Aljoša Turović

Nishavic also said that "the existence of genocide was confirmed by the court which destroyed the evidence of organ trafficking of Serbian civilians".

"The purpose of the resolution is to blame only one nation for the destruction of the war," said Nishavic and added that if it is adopted, they will also demand the adoption of a resolution on genocides against the Serbian people in Croatia, Bosnia. and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Novica Djurovic told Prime Minister Milojko Spajic that he "came out of nowhere" on the wave of the fight against Milo Djukanovic, and now he "stepped into his shoes".


"What was good for Djukanovic for Montenegro was also good for him," he said and added that "the situation is the same" with Spajic.

Djurovic pointed out that the creators of this Western country and that Spajic was "brought to power by the Serbian people".

"You let them down, just like us." We are used to you saying one thing today and another tomorrow. Get used to it too," Djurovic said.

He told Spajić that "the resolution can pass even without the vote of Montenegro", but that if Montenegro votes for it, "the people are waiting for it at every step of the country".

Milutin Mirjačić, director of the "Bajo Pivljanin" school in Nikšić, said that he came to address "the presidents of the Government and the Republic because they do not recognize the state".

I hope that the referendum will be held again and will show that there are more of us," said Mirjačić.

Mirjačić photo: Aljoša Turović

The meeting is attended by the vice-president of the municipality of Berane Mladen Premović, the member of the United Montenegro (UCG) Vladimir Dobričanin and the president of Prava Montenegro Marko Milacić and the president of the Free Montenegro Vladislav Dajković, holder of the "Budva our city" list. in the local elections in Budva, Nikola Jovanović.

A large number of police officers with anti-protest equipment are in the courtyard between the building of the Government of Montenegro and the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA).


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