Protest of high school students from Islamic school "Isa Beg", demanding recognition of diplomas

Photo: Free Press

Part of the high school students from the Islamic high school "Isa Beg" from Tetovo held a peaceful protest today in the city square, where they demanded that their diplomas be recognized by the universities in the country.

They say that after finishing secondary education, they are forced to go outside Macedonia to continue their studies. It is an old problem, which has not yet been solved.

"The right to education as a human right is guaranteed in all international conventions, starting with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This right is being violated in Macedonia, because it is impossible for the students from the "Isa Bey" Secondary School to continue their studies at the state and private universities in the country. This is not a new problem, nor is it an unknown one. Students have been facing this problem since the school was founded. Therefore, I must emphasize that this is not the first protest organized on this issue. But now we are looking for this problem to be solved, because students are losing patience, and society and the state are losing a lot of human and professional capital," said Selvia Yusufi, a high school student at the Isa Beg school.

Photo: Free Press

The high school girls asked the Ministry of Education, the IWZ as well as the parliamentary political parties to support them in their request.

"We are convinced that the solution exists, all that is needed is the will, we demand equality and the right to education", the students added.

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