A celebration to remember: 10 years of Herbalife Nutrition in Macedonia

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The tenth anniversary of Herbalife Nutrition in Macedonia was celebrated with a spectacular party at the "Marriot" hotel and in the presence of a large number of guests and prominent figures from public and social life.

The world leader in meal replacements, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition and weight control products, Herbalife Nutrition is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its official existence on the Macedonian market.

On that occasion, on February 4, in the Skopje "Marriott" hotel, the jubilee anniversary was marked with a spectacular party entitled "Ice and Fire", which brought together Herbalife shake lovers and famous names who shone in elegant fashion looks. Among those present were Rebecca Jankovska Risteski, Irena Spirovska, Sneze Velkov, Biljana Janevska and other significant personalities from the Macedonian stage, cultural and social life.

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In the last ten years until today, the meeting with Herbalife Nutrition through its products and its successful commercial model, based on a network of distributors, has changed the lives of a huge number of citizens of Macedonia, revealing to them a nutritionally correct method for improving the well-being of the body, but also offering them a concrete opportunity for personal and business fulfillment. Herbalife in Macedonia has over 3 thousand active distributors.

And while here we are celebrating 10 years of official association with Herbalife Nutrition products, the company is globally celebrating 43 years since its foundation, which is another reason for joy that Herbalife Nutrition shares with its friends, users of the products and those who want, maybe more from this month, to make positive changes in their lifestyle. By the way, the company Herbalife Nutrition achieved a net sales revenue of 2021 billion dollars in 5.8.

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The company was founded in February 1980, in Los Angeles, by a man with a vision Mark Hughes, who was also the first independent distributor of Herbalife Nutrition. His wellness philosophy guided by the thought that "everyone is part of the goal and plan to make the world a better place to live", with an emphasis on - "everyone", attracted millions of people around the world who realized his dream and their own, investing in their own healthy eating style. Because of Mark Hughes' vision and mission, Herbalife is today the world's leading meal replacement brand. Over time, Herbalife product formulations have improved to meet market needs. And today, the scientifically formulated ingredients of premium meal replacements, manufactured to the strictest regulatory standards, continue to keep pace with modern times. Thus, we reach the third reason for celebrating Herbalife Nutrition, and that is Mark Hughes Day, a day that the company celebrates globally every year in the month of February.

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Due to all these important dates united in the month of February, Herbalife launched a new product on the Macedonian market. It is about the first H24 Achieve protein bars, which until now were missing from the product portfolio – a high-protein and practical snack for after exercise, but also for all those who are constantly in motion or have an active day. H24 Achieve protein bars are rich in protein, low in sugar and taste great. They are a perfect meal for building and maintaining muscle mass, for taking care of body weight and maintaining a fit appearance, and those who exercise regularly now have the opportunity to raise their training to a higher level.

Congratulations, and Happy 10th Birthday Herbalife Nutrition!

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