The girl from Borcha was found, the mother confirmed the happy news to the media

The Serbian public is looking for Sara Petrovic, after she disappeared at noon today

Sara Petrovic (17) from Borča, Belgrade, who disappeared today around 13 pm, and was last seen near the "Fransh" restaurant, has been found, Serbian media reports.

News that it was found for Serbian Telegraph her mother confirmed.

- Yes, she was found, but we don't know where she was. We are working to find out - the mother told the Serbian media.

As a reminder, S.R. she was last seen in the restaurant "Franche" at around 13 pm, and her mother told the "Telegraph" that she just wanted to find her child as soon as possible and that she suspected that she had been kidnapped.

- I don't know anything! I just want to find her as soon as possible. I'm going to the police station now. She was returning from a party in Mladenovac and since then all trace of her has been lost. I called her, someone answered, I heard noise in the bus, but it wasn't her. I don't know what happened to her! What if my child is kidnapped? My ex-husband reacted more violently, when my daughter told him that she would come to me, but since then she has not come. Her phone is on, we will try to locate her phone. I am asking everyone to help, if you see her, tell me, please," said S.R.'s mother. today for the Serbian media.

A 17-year-old girl has disappeared in Belgrade, her parents fear that she has been kidnapped

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