Large amounts of gold found in central BiH

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In the vicinity of the small municipality of Jezero in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the investigations of the workers of Laikos Balkan Metals, significant stocks of gold were found, said the Bosnian branch of the Australian company, which conducts research in several locations. throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gold was discovered at the Zekilova Kosa location, and the latest analyzes performed in the laboratories confirmed the existence of larger amounts of gold, which in some parts contain up to 4,89 grams of gold per ton. These investigations, which last several months, covered an area of ​​1,2 square kilometers, reports Hina. In view of the discovery of gold deposits, the expansion of research in the northwestern part of the site is announced.

"Further monitoring of these excellent results is without a doubt justified and we expect to receive consent from the local government as soon as possible to continue the geological research", said the executive director of Laikos Balkan Metals, Mladen Lujic.

At the same time, he pointed out that this company pays special attention to the preservation of the environment during research. This municipality is located not far from Jajce in the central part of BiH, on the inter-entity border of the Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska.

The company said that significant gold deposits were confirmed earlier this year.

Lykos Metals Balkan from BiH is owned by the Australian company Lykos Metals Limited, which conducts rare ore exploration at four locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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