12 mutilated bodies found in Monterey drug cartel feud

The mutilated corpses and dismembered body parts of 12 people were found yesterday in seven locations across the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, Mexico's industrial capital, after a new wave of violence unsettled the city's residents.

British media say these gruesome images recall the bloody period of the previous decade when conflicts between drug cartels engulfed Monterrey, and the bodies of victims were either left on the streets or hung from the city's bridges.

Such brutality is generally less practiced today in the city that was recently chosen as the site of a new Tesla car factory.

Authorities said yesterday's clashes appeared to be a coordinated attack and were likely sparked by infighting within a criminal group based in the border state of Tamaulipas.

- From the messages that were left (on the bodies), it can be concluded that there is a correlation (with internal conflicts), said state prosecutor Pedro Hardon, answering journalist's questions.

Photos of the allegedly found messages have been circulating in the local press, and social media has suggested the killings were carried out by members of the Northeast Cartel in retaliation for alleged infiltrations into their organization.

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