The promotion of the poetry collection "On the tip of the tongue" by Katica Kjulavkova will be held at MKC

Ars Lamina Event Invitation

The new poetry collection of academician Katica Kulavkova, "On the tip of the tongue", will be launched on June 6 (Tuesday), starting at 19 pm, in the Gallery of the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje. The promoter of the book will be prof. Dr. Natasha Avramovska, and the moderator is the editor Olivera Ćorveziroska.

The book, which is published by "Ars Libris", part of "Ars Lamina - Publications", contains 40 poems, divided into seven parts: Forbidden love, Longing for freedom, On the tip of the tongue, Forerunners, martyrs (poetic plays), Unsent Letters (Intercycle), Hawkeye (Third Eye) and Years. The author of the foreword in the book is the writer and writer Venko Andonovski.

– How is it possible to have a synesthetic approach to the world with the tip of the tongue? It is possible, because poets know not only where the tip of the tongue is, but also where its root is. He is in the soul. With the tip of the tongue, one does not touch the other, the world, but one's own soul, because language begins with the soul. And she sees everything, hears everything, touches everything, smells everything, tastes everything, because she is wise, and wisdom is, as Katica Kjulavkova sings, beyond the tongue. Wisdom is the language of the language, its soul - points out Venko Andonovski.

Katica Kjulavkova (Veles, 21.12.1951) is a poet, essayist, theorist, storyteller, singer and anthologist. Full professor (retired) in theory of literature, literary hermeneutics and creative writing at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" in Skopje (Department of General and Comparative Literature).

Kjulavkova is a regular member of MANU (since 2003), a member of the European Academy of Sciences (Salzburg, since 2014) and vice-president of the International PEN (since 2008). Her poetry books have been translated into several languages ​​(Albanian, English, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Turkish, French, Croatian, Montenegrin, Spanish).

He has published over 40 author's books of poetry, essays and short stories, as well as twenty edited anthologies, anthologies and critical editions. She managed several national and international research projects. She is the founder of the e-journal of comparative studies "Mirage" and the multilingual collection "Diversity" of the International PEN, and chaired its Translation and Language Rights Committee for six years.

He is the winner of the highest state award for lifetime achievement "October 11", as well as numerous awards for poetry, criticism and essay writing in the country and abroad. He lives in Skopje.

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