Promotion of the novel "Polyglot" by Igor Stanojoski will be held in the City Library in Skopje

Invitation to the promotion

"Polyglot", the latest novel by Igor Stanojoski, will be promoted in the JU City Library "Brača Miladinovci" in Skopje on June 7. The book, through a conversation with the author, will be presented by literary critic Aleksandra Jurukovska, and fragments of the work will be read by actor Andrej Serafimovski. The promotion is scheduled at 19 p.m.

The novel "Polyglot" (published by "Muse") is an exciting read with many plots and unpredictable situations. The action begins in the spring of 2012 at an international conference in Skopje, but after an unexpected meeting or a momentary memory, the main character needs to return to Lviv in his mind and solve the mysterious episode of his visit to the Carpathians in 2004.

Stanojoski's previous novel, "Dyssomnii" was the book of the month in November, part of the big campaign "Reading contemporary Macedonian authors", which the City Library started in September last year. In 2018, the book received Racino's recognition, and continues to arouse great interest among readers.

Igor Stanojoski is a Macedonian linguist and novelist. He was born in Copenhagen. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He worked at the University of Lviv (Ukraine), Katowice (Poland), Brno (Czech Republic). He received his doctorate at the Institute of Slavic Philology in Sosnowiec (Poland).

He currently works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Philology in Shtip. He is the author of the novels "Grgara" (2014), "My Daughter's First University Day" (2016), "Dyssomnias" (2017). "Polyglot" is his fourth novel.

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