Promotion of a new book by Milcho Mancevski and an all-evening multimedia event at the "Laboratory"

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The new book of our most successful director Milcho Manchevski, "Mancevski: Five Essays" will be presented as part of an all-night multimedia presentation (with film screening and promotion) on February 1 (Thursday) at 19 pm in the new Cultural Center "Laboratorium", (the old printing house of "Nova Macedonia", "Kliment Ohridski" Blvd. 68) in Skopje.

The publisher of the bilingual book (Macedonian and English) is the Philosophical Society of Macedonia. The preface is on prof. Dr Ivan Jeparoski.

The book contains five essays written in different periods, which are the result of Mančevski's long-term reflections on art from the position of an artist in several fields (in addition to film, he also works in the field of photography, fine arts, and literature), but also from the position of teacher.

For many years, Manczewski has been working as a post-graduate professor, first at the renowned New York University, from which Martin Scorsese, the Cohen brothers, Cary Fukunaga, Chloe Zhao originate (Manczewski's students have won numerous awards, including two Oscars; the director of the last film about James Bond is also a student of Manczewski), but also of state film schools in Cuba and Moscow, as well as in Shanghai, Berlin and others.

Mancevski's thoughts and analyzes result in complex essays that are presented at international conferences. Among them are "Based on a true event: truth and narrative, art and faith", first presented at the "Film and Faith" conference in the Vatican, 2011; the essay "Why I love to write and hate to direct: confession of a recovering screenwriter-director" presented at the conference of professors of screenwriting and directing in Potsdam 2014 and the essay "When a film is 'not Macedonian enough'" from 2022.

"The book by our noted director and screenwriter Milcho Manchevski represents an extraordinary and particularly successful immersion in the mysterious world of creativity in general, as well as the specific individual experience associated with the creation of one's most significant film achievements. The five essays in this book not only introduce us to the ever-exciting world of the author and authorship, but also, at the same time, represent an undoubted contribution to the theory and history of film in general, as well as to the theory and history of Macedonian film separately, and that from the point of view of the aesthetic theory of creativity, as well as the category of 'aesthetic experience', that is, 'aesthetic experience,'" says Professor Jeparoski in the preface.

A promotional speech for the book will be given by prof. Dr. Ana Dimishkovska, and parts of the essays will be read by actors Nikola Risteski and Elena Kuzmanov.

The multimedia event entitled "SILENCE AT THE FIRST SECOND: FOCUS MANCHEWSKI" continues with a screening of Manczewski's award-winning films Bikini Moon (2017, USA), Thursday (2014, USA) and The End of Time (2017 Cuban-American ).

Visual moments from the book THERE will be presented, as well as music from Manchevski's films, and Igor Vasilev-Novogradska, a frequent collaborator of Manchevski, will end the evening with music from the original soundtrack for the movie BIKINI MOON.

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