Promotion of the book "Amber and Youth" by Gordana Mihailova Boshnakoska will be held in KIC-Skopje

Cover of the book "Amber and Youth"

The Cultural and Information Center - Skopje announced the promotion of the poetry collection "Amber and Youth" by Gordana Mihailova Boshnakoska, published by "Makavej", which will take place on May 22, at 19:19 p.m., in Salon "Imperial 1". The book will be promoted by Branko Cvetkoski and Gotse Smilevski, the lyrics will be interpreted by artists Sofia Nasevska-Trifunovska and Borche Nachev.

Gordana Mihailova Boshnakoska was born on September 1, 1940 in Bitola. She studied at the Faculty of Philology at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje. He writes poetry, prose, essays on literature and art (painting and sculpture).

He has published fifteen collections of poetry, the first "Time is gone" in 1965, and the latest "Honey and Youth" in 2023. She received the "Brothers Miladinovci" award of SVP for the collection "Mountains of cardboard boxes", the "Aco Shopov" award, which is awarded by the Society of Writers of Macedonia, she received for the collection "Song on the Hill", as well as an award for "Holiday of the lime trees" of DPM.

It is represented in several poetry anthologies in Macedonia and abroad, as well as in panoramic views. Her songs have been translated into several world languages. Individual translations of her poetic selections, as well as the collection "The Interpretation of the Sea", have also been published.

Macedonia is represented in the anthology "13 Stars in the Slavic Sky", published by the Slavic Academy of Literature and Art from Varna (Bulgaria), where she is also a member and holder of the highest award "Great Flying Feather" for overall creativity.

Macedonian television has recorded two shows about her poetry and prose, and Macedonian radio represented her in the sound anthology of Macedonian poetry.

She is the recipient of the Knight of the Written Word award, as well as the highest award of DPM - "Literary Scepter" for overall creativity. He has published the collection of short stories "Bosphorus Summer" and the novel "Search for a Story".

She performed at numerous literary events in Macedonia and abroad. She is the winner of the Fulbright scholarship with a stay in the USA. It is represented in the literature editions of the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia (order no. 50), as well as in the Macedonian encyclopedia. Many Macedonian authors of all generations, as well as authors from other countries, wrote about her work.

Her poetry collection "Amber and Youth" is the second of the "Poetry Trilogy" project, in which it follows on from the previous "Honey and Youth", and the third collection of the project will be titled "Olive and Youth". The whole project essentially poses the dilemma of eternity and transience, reports from the JU Cultural and Information Center in Skopje.

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