Promotion of a biographical book about former MP Tomislav Stojanovski-Bombay

Photo: Stojanovski family

A biographical book about the former Member of Parliament and President of the Democratic Party of Macedonia, Tomislav Stojanovski-Bombay, who died last year in March, will be launched on Thursday, February 9. The book titled "Memories of an energetic and fulfilling life" was prepared by Stojanovski's daughter, Maria, and his wife, Vera.

- The book is a compilation of his life and the life happenings around us, and it abounds with a serious fund of photos, media articles and transcripts, say the family of the former prominent politician, pedagogue and social worker.

Tomislav Stojanovski-Bombay was born in 1940 in Tetovo, and graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He was the founder and president of the Democratic Party of Macedonia (DPM), and was elected as an MP from the DPM ranks in the 1994 elections.

In Tetovo, Stojanovski was also known as the long-time director of the "Mosha Piade" Secondary Agricultural School in Tetovo. He was also the director of energy maintenance at the former textile giant Tetex. After he retired, Stojanovski founded the Tetovo Folk Festival, which was held in the monastery complex in the village of Leshok.

Bombay was posthumously awarded the recognition of Tetovo Municipality "November 19" for life's work in the field of social development.

Former MP Tomislav Stojanovski-Bombay has died

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