The Curse That Followed Members of the New Fossils Group

New fossils
New Fossils over the years / Photo: Facebook, New Fossils

New fossils was one of the most popular music groups in the former Yugoslavia. Their big hits, like "For the good old days", "I'm on the dance floor", "Hey, my Sasha" etc., marked the youth of the generations growing up in the seventies and eighties of the last century, writes "Style".

Well, that's why everyone was surprised when the band members decided to split up in 2014. As the media reported at the time, Rajko Dujmic had a hard time making that decision. However, if we go back over the years, all the members of the group faced a difficult fate.

Quarrel between members

The conflict between the members of New Fossils arose from the team's decision to expel him Rajko Dujmic from the group in 2014, after which he filed a lawsuit.

Well, so - in 2016 an interim measure was passed that says that Sanja Dolezal, Marinko Kolnago и Vladimir Kochish Zec they have no right to perform under the name New Fossils, because Dujmic is the founder of the group and the author of most of the songs.

However, the three current members of the group did not comply with the measure, so Dujmic's wife reacted.

"Sanja, Marinko and Zec, regardless of the time measure taken by the court, related to the right to use the name New Fossils, will perform under the name New Fossils on February 14, 2020 in Split," Snezana wrote.

The other members of the group also reacted to that.

"Due to Dujmic's serious illness, we decided to stop working. Namely, it is known that Rajko has been fighting the battle with addiction for thirty years, due to which we separated as a group in 1991, after he refused to go for treatment ", said Sanja Dolezal, Marinko Kolnago and Vladimir Koшi З Zec, in a conversation for" 24 hours “.


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Dujmic's death

On August 4, 2020, Rajko Dujmic died at the age of 65 after being in an artificial coma for several days after a car accident.

On one occasion, Dujmic claimed that Sanja Dolezal blamed him for her husband's death Nenad Saric, otherwise the drummer of the group New Fossils.

The tragic fate of the other members

Nenad Saric was buried on the birthday of his wife, the second singer of New Fossils - Sanja Dolezal, and the first drummer Slobodan Momcilovic - Moka died on Rajko Dujmic's birthday, August 7, 1984.

Rajko Dujmic did not perform on the group's farewell tour, and when Sanja and Nenad's daughter said that she was proud of the tour and that her father was watching everything from heaven and that he was happy, Dujmic's wife rebuked her for not mentioning other members of the group - Djurdjica Barlovic, Slobodan Momcilovic - Moka и Rajko Dujmic. She wrote that Neno, if he were alive, certainly would not have allowed Rajko not to be on the farewell tour.

"Sanja said that Neno died because of me. She did not even let me express my condolences to Neno. She told Zec not to come to her. I am not such a person. I am hurt by dishonesty. "If I wanted to take revenge on someone, I would have done it sooner," Dujmic told Croatian media.


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The sudden death of the first singer of the group

The first singer of New Fossils, Djurdjica Barlovic was on holiday on the island of Pag with her sons, and when she suddenly fell ill, she was transferred by ferry to the hospital in Zadar, where she died.

"Djurdjica Barlovic was in good health, so I was surprised by her premature departure. "On the day he died, believe it or not, all the clocks in my apartment stopped, and later I heard the sad news," Dujmic said.

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