Forecast of the most famous epidemiologist in the world: Encouraging news and one "still"

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World-renowned epidemiologist Anthony Fauci has warned that the omicron variant could be the last mutation in the coronavirus, leading to an end to the pandemic only if the world manages to avoid a dangerous scenario.

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The disease, which is endemic, is constantly present in the population, but does not endanger an enormous number of people and does not endanger society, as usually happens during a pandemic.

As omicron is extremely easily transmitted, but is obviously less likely to cause serious illness than previous variants, this could mark the transition from this chapter of the coronavirus pandemic to the endemic phase, CNN reports. .

"But that would only be the case if we did not get another variant that avoids the immune response to the previous variant," Fauci said.

Fauci thinks big "Fortunately, Omicron did not share some of the features of the delta variant."

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Despite the fact that omicron causes milder symptoms than previous strains, this does not mean that it is completely harmless.

This does not mean that people should deliberately try to obtain the omicron variant. Doctors think this is a terrible idea for several reasons, warned the epidemiologist.

Health systems, some of which face critical staff shortages, have treated more coronavirus patients in recent days than ever before. At least 156.676 patients were hospitalized in the United States on Monday, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. According to Johns Hopkins University, an average of 1.695 Americans died daily from the coronavirus last week alone.

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Advances in vaccination

Vaccines are being developed to cope with the new variants. Moderna announced that the omicron vaccine will be ready by March, the company's CEO Stephen Bansel said on Monday.

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The combined coronavirus and flu vaccine developed by Moderna could also be available in some countries by autumn 2023, Bansel said. Doctors say that coronavirus vaccines and additional doses are the most effective way to prevent severe coronavirus complications.

The booster third dose proved to be successful. They can raise antibody levels for months, helping those at high risk of infection stay away from hospitals.

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