Professor Garevski says that our buildings are safe, especially those built in the last decade

Photo: TV Sitel / printscreen

The professor from the Institute for Seismic Resistant Buildings and Climate Change, Mikhail Garevski, says that in Macedonia we should not be afraid of the devastating consequences of a possible earthquake, because after the disaster in Skopje in 1963, the building standards and legal regulations were changed.

The facilities generally meet the parameters and standards, says Prof. Dr. Garevski.

"Since 1963, real attention has been paid to the buildings in Macedonia. I would like to point out that in the last, maybe ten years, we have some of the safest buildings even in Europe, because we have very rigorous controls. First, the project is controlled, then a construction permit is given, and again for the same building, the field is visited twice to see if the project is being followed," says the professor.

He adds that even if the building is larger than 300 square meters, in addition to the supervision of the project, an on-site inspection of the construction itself should be done to determine whether it is being handled properly.

"I conducted a survey through the Institute and wanted to see if the people of Skopje still remember the earthquake of 1963. I have one question 'which buildings do you trust the most'. They trust mostly the buildings from 1964 to sometime in 1970, which is actually not true. The constructions, let's say from 2000 onwards, especially from 2014 until now, are some of the most reliable constructions, I can say, in Europe as well", says Garevski in his visit to "Sitel".

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