The search for those missing in the shipwreck near Lesbos continues


The rescue operation to find the missing 12 crew members from the ship that sank on Sunday in the sea area southwest of Lesvos continues today, 48 hours after the accident in which one person was found alive and the lifeless body of a sailor was treated, while the Greek media they write that it is a ship with a troubled past.

According to the Greek news agency ANA-MPA, today's search is taking place under difficult weather conditions due to strong winds, and three coast service ships, one navy ship and one NATO ship are involved, while a Frontex helicopter also participated early this morning.

The only survivor, a 40-year-old Egyptian sailor, according to the same information, remains in the hospital of Lesvos and is in good health.

The newspaper "Kathimerini" writes that the cargo ship "Raptor" had a "problematic past" and was blacklisted by international control authorities for the past two years.

- In addition, it is among the ten "wanted" ships, i.e. those that are wanted and published in the international database The ship was blacklisted by the international control authorities (Paris MOU and Black Sea MOU) because a total of 65 serious irregularities and deficiencies in documents, rescue equipment, etc. were found during the inspection, writes "Kathimerini".

The cargo ship "Raptor" sailed under the flag of Comoros, carrying salt, and left Egypt with the final destination Istanbul, however, as the Greek newspaper writes, the only survivor said that the ship was supposed to reach Ukraine, not Turkey.

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