The chaos continues with the extraction of personal documents

Push buttons for personal documents Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Vesna Damchevska

Citizens wait for hours in front of the "Prolet" police station, where there is a point for extracting personal documents without an appointment, in order to have valid documents by February 12th. After this date, identity cards and passports with the old name "Republic of Macedonia" will not be valid.

Citizens are extremely outraged and nervous.

– We can't wait any longer. We have been in the queue for an hour and a half, and we have hardly moved. I am 80 years old and my husband is 84. Our ID cards expire in February. But we cannot wait, we are leaving - says our interlocutor.

We also checked a free appointment by appointment. The first is in October 2024.

- Old documents after February 12.02.2024, XNUMX will not be valid, regardless of when they expire. With an old travel document it will not be possible to cross the border, nor will it be accepted as a document in the institutions, and with an old driver's license it will not be possible to drive a motor vehicle - said the Ministry of the Interior.

Apart from the deadlines, the citizens are also troubled by the prices for obtaining new documents. It will be necessary to change the driver's license, the driver's license, and to change the license plates.

An adult passport costs 2.300 denars, for young people and children it is cheaper, for an identity card it is 310 denars, for a driver's license it is 520 denars, for a traffic license 250 denars, and it is not yet known whether new registrations are needed, which cost 1.250 denars, or the work will finished with NMC stickers.

The change of documents with the Republic of North Macedonia resulted from the Prespa Agreement.

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