The hearing against Maxim Dimitrievski continued

Photo: MIA

In the Basic Court of Kumanovo, the hearing continued today in which Kumanovo Mayor Maxim Dimitrievski is accused of abuse of official position and powers, following a criminal complaint filed by Kumanovo construction companies for a case of not obtaining building permits in Kumanovo.

Mayor Dimitrievski emphasizes that he does not feel guilty.

The next hearing is scheduled for July 2, when another witness from the urban planning department from the municipality of Kumanovo will be heard.

The construction companies believe that they are damaged because the same composition of the council and the mayor voted for the DUP, in which the investors wanted to invest, later the council, on the proposal of the mayor, made a decision to suspend the DUP, which refers to a plot of land near the gymnasium and the school clinic .

Verbal evidence was presented at the hearing, the two owners and a witness proposed by the prosecution were heard. Two construction companies from Kumanovo, "UPM-GRUP" LLC and "HROMAK Emil" LLC, believe that Dimitrievski abused the position of mayor and damaged them.

According to Boban Spasovski, owner of "UPM Group", the mayor deliberately abused his position and did not give timely approvals for construction, nor calculation for payment of utilities. He said that he will also ask for compensation, accusing that the mayor delayed the procedure through the administration.

Emil Georgievski, owner of "Hromak" said that his company was in charge of operations, and his partner was in charge of administrative affairs. The two, answering questions from the defendant's defense, said that it was a practice to conclude contracts with contractors who were supposed to perform activities on the construction plot before the construction began and that they undertook to pay an advance with several contractors. According to Georgievski, they are doing the same now in other cities and neighboring countries. And Georgievski will ask for damages. Legal entities claim about 3 million denars.

The defense had questions, how before they got a permit they started procedures with other contractor companies, they started to pay an advance, even though they didn't have the permit at all, and that the construction decision was valid for all buildings, not only for the disputed building, given in the companies' project. Spasovski said that he is a businessman and takes risks and that this was an established practice in their sphere.

At today's hearing, the head of the department for communal activities, Lidija Lang Spasovska, was heard, who said that the statutory deadlines for compensation are short and that signatures from the councilor, manager and mayor are required.

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