Sales of anti-depressants in Russia have skyrocketed since Putin announced the mobilization


Sales of antidepressants in Russian pharmacies have increased since the president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on September 21 announced the partial mobilization of 300.000 reservists for the front in Ukraine, the state agency TASS reported.

In the week from September 19 to 25, sales increased by 2,2 times compared to the same week last year, according to data from the Russian marketing company DSM Group.

The President of the Alliance of Pharmaceutical Associations of Russia, Victoria Presnyakova, told TASS that since the start of hostilities on February 24, the demand for antidepressants, sleeping pills and tranquilizers has increased significantly compared to previous years.

According to her, it is due to the "geopolitical and economic situation".

Presnyakova says that there are many patients who were prescribed such drugs for the first time. However, to calm down, people also buy over-the-counter drugs. Many drugs are freely dispensed in Russian pharmacies that require a prescription in other countries.

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