Probistip village Tursko Rudari on its feet: Residents protest against construction of mini hydropower plant


Residents of the Probistip village of Tursko Rudari protested this afternoon and blocked the local road leading to the site where the mini hydropower plant will be built. The president of the local community, Ljupco Stojanov says that the protest was peaceful and the goal is to express dissatisfaction, because they believe that the construction and putting the river in the pipeline will destroy vegetation, world life, but about five hectares of fertile agricultural land will remain without irrigation.

On the part of the move where the mini hydropower plant will be built, their water supply system also passes. Jakim Jovanovski, a resident of the village of Tursko Rudari, says that they built and invested in this water supply system themselves. They also fear running out of drinking water.

The mayor Dragan Anastasov says that the company "DIS Energija DOO" received the concession in 2016, and the whole procedure for the documentation is completed, so they only need the construction permit from the Municipality. According to the whole procedure, they, as a Municipality, believe that they are faced with a final act for issuing a construction permit.

Representatives of the company "DIS Energy" at yesterday's meeting with the residents of Turkish Mines promised that all legal provisions will be respected and nothing will be endangered.

The same company is behind the hydropower plant on Mala Reka near Lake Gratche. The non-governmental organizations united in the "Board for Healthy Life" in Kocani have already started an initiative to prevent the construction of this hydropower plant.

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