The person who took down the church flag and placed an Albanian one in front of the church of Popova Shapka was detained

photo: facebook

A person from Mala Recica was detained, who is suspected of placing an Albanian flag on the monastery of Popova Shapka yesterday evening.

- Police officers of SVR Tetovo yesterday evening, at around 23:30 p.m., after taking operational measures, identified and detained 33-year-old J.A. from Tetovo's Mala Recica. He is suspected of having taken down the church flag of the MOC-Ohrid Archdiocese two hours earlier from the flagpole of the "St. Naum the Miracle Worker" monastery on Popova Shapka, while there was no one in the religious building, and placed the flag of the Republic of Albania in its place, the Ministry of the Interior informs .

After documenting the case against J.A., who was with another wanted person during the removal of the church flag, an appropriate submission will follow, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Stojanche Angelov wrote on his Facebook profile, among other things, that the quick reaction of the institutions, as well as public pressure, can reduce the provocations that ignite inter-ethnic intolerance.

- Provocations should not be silenced, but should be reacted to fiercely. Only in this way will future potential provocateurs be discouraged. Society's reaction to such provocations should be united and unique regardless of ethnic, religious, political or any other affiliation. I believe that the majority of Albanians condemn this barbaric act of desecration of the church flag. The only thing is that I did not see a representative of the Albanian political factors in Macedonia come out with a public condemnation of this act. And it should, Angelov wrote.

He called on DUI leader Ali Ahmeti on Facebook to publicly condemn this provocative act of vandalism.

Yesterday, two masked people took down the flag of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archdiocese from the flagpole in front of the Ohrid Church of St. Naum, after which the flag of Albania was placed. The president of the church board reported the case to SVR Tetovo. The event was recorded through video surveillance cameras.

- At 18.05:XNUMX p.m. in SVR Tetovo, the priest from the church "St. Naum Ohridski Miracle Worker" located on Popova Shapka, reported that the church flag was taken down from the mast of the church by a NN person and a flag of Albania was placed, Marjan Josifoski informed yesterday. spokesperson of SVR Tetovo.

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