A person from Skopje was detained for causing a fire in an open space

Forest fire / Photo: MIA

Last night, at 19:20, officers from the Drachevo Police Station deprived F.S. (59) from the village of Dolno Kolicani in Skopje, because he caused a fire in an open space.

- Acting on a report dated 09.08.2022/11/55 at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., according to which a person driving a passenger vehicle "Skoda Felicia" with Skopje license plates was noticed along the road leading to the village of Paragusha, setting fire to the dry grass by the road with a lighter, measures and activities were taken and the person was found and detained. At the same time, the fire was extinguished by the Skopje fire department, the Ministry of the Interior informs.

In coordination with the public prosecutor after fully documenting the case, against F.S. an appropriate submission will be made.

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